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5 Cricketers Who Went From Stardom To Poverty

5 Cricketers Who Went From Stardom To Poverty
Chris Cairns (Credit: Getty Images)

Cricket has become one of the most followed sports in many countries. The game also brings a lot of glamour and money. In this era, once you have played cricket at the highest level you are quite assured of a financially stable future even after you bid farewell to the game.

With a variety of T20 leagues including the IPL, PSL, and BBL going around, money comes easily to the players nowadays. There is a lot of business and marketing associated with the game now which has made the sport global and hence a lot of money is involved.

However, the situation was not like this only a few years ago. Earnings from cricket didn’t mean that the players can sit and eat for the rest of their lives. There have been some instances where some players have hit poverty due to their bad habits like match-fixing etc. Many players have also gone onto becoming bankrupts due to various reasons.

Here Are 5 cricketers who went from stardom to poverty in a blink of an eye:

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Adam Hollioake (Credit: Getty Images)

All-rounder Adam Hollioake made his ODI debut for England on 31st August 1996 against Pakistan. Adam played 35 One Day Internationals for England in which he bagged 32 wickets and 606 runs at an average of 25.25. However, his International career lasted only a couple of years and Adam went on to play his last match for England in 1999.

After playing his last representative cricket in 2007, Adam moved to Australia to take care of his family business. Initially, the business was extremely successful and made a huge profit but then as the recession hit the world in late 2008, it weakened the financial position of the business.

The company was dissolved in 2009 and in 2011 Adam Hollioake was declared bankrupt. Adam then took up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to earn his daily bread and take care of his family and children. He is one of the few cricketers who went from stardom to poverty.

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