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A young cricketer from Pakistan attempts suicide in Stadium

Disgruntled with repeated rejections, a young cricketer from Pakistan tried to succumb himself to death in a stadium where a first-class match was going on accusing the selectors of demanding a bribe to get him a chance.

The incident took place at Lahore City Cricket Association (LCCA) ground where a first-class match of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy was going on. Ghulam Haider Abbas, the young right-arm fast bowler barged onto the ground and tried to set himself on petrol. It was due to the awareness of the viewers who were present there to watch the match the young boy was rescued. The viewers immediately started shouting and the LCCA officials reached the spot quickly to calm the boy.

Abbas, who was from the East Zone of the Lahore Cricket Association expressed that he was disgusted with the false promises made by the officials. He also alleged that the officials asked for a bribe to get him into the squad. While talking to the press, the young cricketer said, “I have been performing well at the club and zonal level, but they kept ignoring me, because I am poor.”

Abbas lost all his hopes to play for the Lahore team in the first-class tournaments. “At last, he told me that if I want to play with the Lahore team, then I will have to pay. After being completely disappointed today I came here and wanted to finish myself,” he said accusing the selectors of bribery.

Irritated with rejections, Abbas said that he will set himself on fire in front of the main gate of the Gaddafi stadium in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) did not look after his plea.

“If I die, the east zone officials and the LCCA head should be held responsible for it because they are not selecting players on merit,” the young cricketer concluded.Popular In the Community