Home Videos VIDEO : Fielding coach Abhay Sharma shows run out opportunity drill

VIDEO : Fielding coach Abhay Sharma shows run out opportunity drill


The fielding coach of India A and Under 19 teams Abhay Sharma teaches the skills to youngsters about run out chances while keeping to bad throws at HPCA Stadium, Dharamshala. He first taught the wicketkeeper body should be work according to the ball and then throw it to the stump.

After that, the fielding coach Abhay Sharma then gives the youngster run out skills while keeping. He did it well as Sharma gave the ball straight first with the red ball and he did it well by throwing the ball onto the stumps. He was given one straighter ball while keeping, the young wicketkeeper did well. Abhay Sharma then gave two balls on his left and the youngster showed his skills with gloves threw it to 1 stump.

MS Dhoni is the best example of wicketkeeping who has best gloves at the present moment. He can flick any ball to stumps and produces run outs which can surprise any opposition. Wicketkeeping is not an easy job if the conditions are hot. It is important for any young wicketkeeper to remain still and make the right movement on even bad throws.

If the wicketkeeper keeps him fit for a long time and focuses on the process then he could become one of the good keepers for his country. A wicketkeeper must know the technique how to receive a ball while the throw is wide. It is one of the toughest jobs in cricket. A youngster should focus on his fitness, speed, and agility to become a good wicketkeeper for his school, India A, Under 19 or national team.

A wicketkeeper must be aware of all situations and should focus on training hard. He must be ready for tough run outs which might change the course of the game. While fielding also, brilliant piece of runout can also turn the game around.

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