Cricket is a diversified sport played almost in every part of the world from associate to affiliates Almost every country in this world plays the sport. Which is why every little thing done by any cricketer in the world goes on to make headlines, whether it’s about them buying an expensive property or actually doing something worthy of mentioning on the field. Anything and everything a cricketer does go on to become huge news in the media.

In the past, we’ve seen how players get indulged in spot-fixing and match-fixing which has led to plenty of controversies. But there are also few players who have had problems in their personal lives which quite became a talk of the town.

Whether it’s Mohammed Azharuddin or Dinesh Karthik their personal lives did go on to make news in the print media. Which is why today we talk about 3 Cricketers Whose Wife Left Them To Marry Some Other Sports Personalities

Let’s take a look at 3 Cricketers Whose Wife Left Them To Marry Some Other Sports Personalities:

1. Brett Lee

Brett Lee

The Australia fast bowler one of the best fast bowler to have originated from Australia. One thing we all remember about Brett Lee is his run-up and bowling stride as during our childhood days we often tried to replicate the fast bowler’s bowling action. Though the much-decorated fast bowler didn’t have the most ideal personal life. In 2006, the fast bowler married Elizabeth Kemp in 2006 and also had a son.

But just two years after tieing the knot they announced their separation and divorced in the year 2009. The reason for the divorce was rumoured to be Brett Lee’s commitments outside the cricketing world which is why he wasn’t able to spend time with his family.

Later on, it was also reported that Kemp was having an affair with a well known Rugby player based in Brisbane. Brett Lee moved on as he went on to marry Lana Anderson in 2014 and have two children between them.

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