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Here Are New Cricketing rules from October 2017


From 1st October 2017, the ICC has made some changes in all formats of cricket. ICC held the meeting regarding change of rules and decided to approve given by Cricket committee in May.

Here we look at the new cricketing rules:-

1. Before October 1st, 2017, the teams will not lose the review in case of umpires call. This comes in effect off Leg before Wicket. If the umpire gives it not out and the opposition team calls for a review, its umpire calls, the team lost its review. From next month, this will be not the case.

2. The teams will not get 2 reviews after the end of 80 overs in an innings. According to the current rules, if the team decides to review and its unsuccessful one review is wasted, if the captain decides to review 2nd one and not a success, then the team will have no review. From October, the two reviews after 80 overs will not be set up.

3. Decision Review system will be used in T20 matches also like ODI and test matches.

4. It is decided to use DRS in cricket with compulsory use of ball tracking and edge detection technology.

5. In modern day cricket, the cricket players score big runs and dominate the bowlers with ease. Now from October 1st, 2017, the limit of the bat would be 108 mm in width, 67 mm in depth. The edges will be 40mm. With this rule change, there could be a balance between bat and ball.

6. Like in football, the players are sent due to bad behavior, from 1st October, umpires will have the power to send a certain player off the field if he behaves badly with the umpire. This will keep the players not to behave badly with the umpires.

7. According to current run out rule, if the batsman bat is in the air after the reaching crease, the third umpire will give it out. But from 1st October, if the batsman bat bounces after grounded, the decision would be not out.

8. The batsman will be given out if the player”s bat is not grounded when the stumps are broken.


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