Yesterday, everyone got to see the online banter between Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pietersen one more time. Pietersen trolled die-hard Manchester United fan Yuvraj Singh after his side lost to Chelsea. The two former cricketers were at each other before the match as Pietersen was supporting Chelsea and Yuvraj was rooting for his favourite club Manchester.

In the FA Cup semi-finals, Chelsea defeated Manchester United by 3-1 and set up a title clash with Arsenal. Following the semis defeats Pietersen sarcastically asked Yuvraj on Twitter whether he was ok after the heartbreaking loss.

Kevin Pietersen Trolls Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj tweeted back, “Haha no mate I’m not I’m hurting.”

Pietersen then against pulled Yuvraj leg and wrote, “Just checking. Lots of talks a few weeks ago. Just checking you still wanted to chat?! Hope you recover well! You can come watch Champions League as my guest anytime”.

Here is the conversation of Pietersen and Yuvraj after the football match:

Meanwhile, the two former cricketers have been great friends off the field since their playing days. Yuvraj Singh doesn’t hesitate in reminding Kevin Pietersen various times how he dismissed him with his slow left-arm spin. Pietersen is always embarrassed when Yuvraj trolls him and replies to him by calling him a ‘Pie Chukker’.

Pietersen after his retirement from the game has been a television commentator and has been extremely even on social media. The former England player still follows cricket and doesn’t hang back in talking about the game on various platforms.

Yuvraj Singh, on the other hand, has been seeing playing in few leagues around the played. The former batsman played in the Global T20 Canada and Abu Dhabi T10 league in 2019. Due to the current situation, Yuvraj decided against entering the draft Caribbean Premier League (CPL) which will start next month.