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IND vs NZ 2021: “Gutka Man” Shobit Says He Is Irritated With All The Attention

Shobit Gutka Man

The first of the two-match test series between India and New Zealand is underway at the Green Park in Kanpur. Amid the test, a video of a man chewing ‘tobacco’ went viral on social media and sparked a meme fest on Thursday.

The person concerned has been identified as Shobit Pandey, a resident of Maheshwari Mahol in Kanpur. Several memes featuring him flooded social media, with famous personalities too sharing the posts. Shobit again visited the Green Park Stadium on Friday, carrying an “Eating tobacco is a bad habit” placard in Hindi.

Speaking to the ANI, Shobit Pandey revealed that he wasn’t eating tobacco, but betel nut. Shobit said,

“First of all, I would like to clarify that I wasn’t eating tobacco. I was eating betel nut and was on call in with my friend, who was also watching the match in the same stadium but in a different stand. It was just a call of almost ten seconds and it went viral. My friend whom I was talking to was the one who broke the news to me that the video has gone viral. It went like a fire.”

Shobit further expressed that he is concerned about his sister, as people are passing nasty comments about her after the video went viral.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, that is why I am not scared or embarrassed about this. I am just concerned that some people are passing nasty comments about my sister. And on the other hand, I am getting numerous calls from media houses and other people regarding the whole scenario and now I am getting irritated,” said Shobit Pandey.

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