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IPL 2023 Watch: Virat Kohli Gives A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience To A Fan Touching His Feet

IPL 2023 Watch: Virat Kohli Gives A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience To A Fan Touching His Feet

Virat Kohli gives a once-in-a-lifetime experience to a fan touching his feet amid the IPL commotion surrounding Gautam Gambhir. During this season of the IPL, During LSG VS RCB Match, two significant scandals have broken, with Virat Kohli at the centre of both.

The entire night, Kohli wasn’t completely shabby. Even so, when a fan touched Kohli’s feet, he was in the midst of an incredible moment amid all this commotion.

If Kohli’s refusal to shake hands with Delhi Capitals Director of Cricket Sourav Ganguly last month caused a stir, the beginning of May saw another incident that will be talked about for years to come.

Fans have shown Virat Kohli unfathomable love, support, respect and affection

When the focus of the news on Monday night should have been on Royal Challengers Bangalore’s inspirational 130-run victory over the Lucknow Super Giants. An ugly altercation between longtime IPL rivals Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir stole the show.

After the game, when Kohli and Gambhir’s emotionally-charged argument required intervention. The two former India teammates had a particularly nasty exchange. Teammates surrounded Kohli and Gambhir, and players like Glenn Maxwell and KL Rahul had to step in to separate the two.

During the 17th over of the LSG innings, Naveen-ul-Haq said something to Kohli that didn’t sit well with the former RCB captain. The two then engaged in a manic discussion, with Amit Mishra contributing.

Kohli did not take kindly to Mishra either and hurled a mouthful at his former India and Delhi teammate. The constant verbal attacks and jabs between Gambhir and Kohli reached a breaking point when they almost exchanged blows.

Not that Kohli didn’t have a score to settle with Gambhir. Having said that, Kohli didn’t have a particularly bad night. In fact, amidst all of these distractions. Kohli was having a pretty amazing moment. When a fan broke security and commandeered the ground to touch Virat’s feet.

In the end, the fan not only succeeded in completing his goal. But also got a surprise gift from his hero. Usually, not one to engage in such activities. Kohli ran away from a fan speeding towards him at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens last year.

It was Anushka Sharma’s birthday after all, so perhaps Kohli was in a good mood and the fan had saved his antics for the appropriate setting and occasion.… before the Gambhir saga unfolded

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