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IPL 2020: Tom Moody Thinks Super Overs Should Be Split Between 2 Bowlers 

Tom Moody Mohammed Siraj
Tom Moody (Credit: BCCI)

Tom Moody has proposed an intriguing change in super overs rule in cricket. Usually when the scores of both sides are tied a super-over is played to determine a winner. Only one single bowler bowls the complete over but never the 6 balls have been split. 

We have already seen some nerve-wracking super-overs in the ongoing IPL 2020 season. Recently for the first time, a double super over was also contested between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab.

Tom Moody Suggests Splitting Super Overs Between Two Bowlers

Now, former Australian cricketer and successful T20 coach, Tom Moody wants a slight change during super overs. Moody believes that the crucial over can be split between 2 bowlers and they can bowl 3 balls each. By doing so Moody says that it will test the depth of bowling of a team and will also bring a new tactical dimension. 

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Moody said, “My argument is based around the bowling side in the super over. I would like to see the super over be split with two bowlers, three balls each. They have to bowl their balls in consecutive numbers and then the second bowler is chosen”.

“This brings a different tactical dynamic to the super over. It also tests the depth of your bowling in your side against the opposition. The batting side has the chance to use numerous batsman where I would like to see the bowling side to get to use (multiple bowlers)”, Moody said in a video uploaded EspnCricinfo on Twitter.

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Meanwhile, Moody was also joined by Aakash Chopra and Ian Bishop during the show who didn’t seem to agree with this interesting new rule. The two popular commentators pointed out that this rule will further make cricket complicated and fans will take time to get used to it. 

Furthermore, this rule recommended by Moody has the potential to make super-overs dynamic but it also will make the job of a captain twofold difficult. 

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