Former India opener Sanjay Manjrekar who started his commentary career after retiring from the sport has been in the talks since last few months. During the 2019 World Cup Sanjay Manjrekar termed Ravindra Jadeja as a bits and pieces player which didn’t really go down well with Ravindra Jadeja himself and his fans.

Push ahead to 2020, He was allegedly sacked from the commentators’ panel for the Indian Premier League which was to take place in the United Arab Emirates owing to the Coronovairus pandemic. He was criticised for arguing with Harsha Bhogle on air and criticising his views on the sport despite having not played at the highest level.

This again didn’t go down with Harsha Bhogle’s fans since the man despite not playing the sport has been the iconic voice of Indian cricket which is why such criticism on Harsha Bhogle went against Sanjay Manjrekar.

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Now since Sanjay Manjrekar isn’t a part of the IPL this season, He’s been putting forward his views on the game through the Twitter platform and has also been appearing on the ESPNCricinfo’s pre and post-match shows on air.

Now recently, Sanjay Manjrekar and few other commentators were accused of being scared of the Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni as they don’t criticise him for the decisions he has been taking in this tournament.

How scared are commentators to criticize Dhoni?: Twitter user in reply to Sanjay Manjrekar 

Sanjay Manjrekar after the match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders tweeted about his point of view. He said it was a simple choice between Karn Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja as the leg spinner can turn the ball away from the left-handers with his googlies whereas the left-arm spinner and get the extra bounce.

“With two left-handed batsmen at the crease, for me, it was a simple choice. Karn Sharma over Jadeja. A wrist spinner can get the ball (googly) to go away from the left-handed batsman & wrist-spinner gets extra bounce too. A costly mistake from CSK,” he tweeted.

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To which, a fan replied by saying Sanjay Manjrekar is too scared to blame Dhoni for the decision he made in this match against Delhi Capitals. He mentioned how Manjrekar called out Shreyas Iyer but fails to call out MS Dhoni as he’s too scared to criticise the former India captain.

“Look at his tweet on Shreyas Iyer just a while ago: sharply critical and biting tone. And look at this tweet: Dhoni’s mistake becomes CSK’s mistake. This is a regular trend. How scared are commentators to criticize Dhoni!! Not just Sanjay Manjrekar, each one of them,” a fan wrote.

In reply, Sanjay Manjrekar replied back with all due respect saying that when he used the word costly mistake by CSK, he was pointing at Dhoni since he’s the captain of the side and when he was talking about Shreyas Iyer he was talking about the latter’s batting which is why he specifically mentioned his name in the tweet.

“Sir when I say, a costly mistake by CSK, what’s the inference? Is it not Dhoni? And with Iyer, it was his batting I was specifically talking about, can’t say DC there can I? Am I scared to criticise Dhoni? Maybe our friends here on Twitter could answer that,” Sanjay Manjrekar clarified.