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Rohit Sharma Opens Up About Challenges Of Playing Cricket

Rohit Sharma Opens Up About Challenges Of Playing Cricket
Rohit Sharma (Credit: IPL)

Rohit Sharma has been one of the most prolific batsmen to have ever emerged from India. After starting out middle-order batsmen for team India early in his career he made a shift to the opener’s role in 2013. After which he’s never looked back as he’s gone on to become one of the most glorified openers in world cricket.

Legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting highly rate the batsmen from Mumbai for his record as captain for the Mumbai Indians franchise. He’s been the most successful captain for a franchise in the history of the Indian Premier League. After winning the title in 2019 he surpassed MS Dhoni to become the captain with most IPL wins under his belt.

At times when a player excels in the international circuit, it starts taking a toll on his body which ends up affecting his performance in the long run. But someone like Rohit Sharma has managed to take care of his workload really well.

Rohit Sharma talks about challenges of playing cricket

For Rohit Sharma, it was a battle with himself as after a period of time he stopped enjoying the game. Which is why Rohit had to figure out things as he did not want to go overboard with certain aspects of the game.

“At some point, you have to go away from all that and start enjoying the game more. While I was doing all of that, I was not enjoying the game that much. I forgot how to enjoy the game. It was my own realisation that got me to think. It’s your own battle that you have to fight and find ways to do it,” he added.

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The Mumbai batsmen also said that for him playing cricket for India and spending time with a young family has so far been the best time of his life. He further went on to talk about the sport helps you feel relaxed once you start enjoying it.

“Yeah, you can say that probably the best time of my life in terms of what I do on and off the field. Enjoying each and every moment provided in front of me. The sport is something that once you start enjoying you feel so relaxed and comfortable in whatever you do,” he said.

Rohit Sharma is featuring for the Mumbai Indians franchise in the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League. He will look to defend the title as Mumbai Indians eye the 5th IPL title in 7 years.


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